Moringa Tea Granules: (Boost to Human Health)

Moringa Tea Granules is a highly nutritious drink used by east asian country people who are awared with its rich qualities needed to boost the health of human. The combination of moringa products along with the leaves are shadow dried under hygienic conditions to retain the originalities with flavor and grounded in a particular mesh size to obtain granules.

Colonclean™ Fiber Plus Powder

Colonclean™ is Much More Than Just a Fiber Product. It is like getting few products in one. It is an incredible value. Colonclean™ is a Fiber product, Detoxifer (removing toxins and heavy metals from the body), and Fruit Concentrates Juices. All this combines to make Colonclean™ a product without equal.

The Fiber and other Ingredients in Colonclean™ Help with The Following

  • Helps cleanse the lower intestine, especially the colon.
  • Helps correct chronic constipation.
  • Is associated with a decreased risk of heart & cardiovascular disease.
  • Binds fat resulting in lower cholesterol levels
  • Helps prevent piles.
  • Absorbs toxins in the digestive tract that can arise from incomplete digestion or from contaminated foods in the diet.
  • COLONCLEAN™ is superior to anything else on the market for maintaining regular elimination and a healthy colon.
  • Helps remove aluminum and heavy metal toxins from the body.

Bee Pollen

Now This Worker Honey Bee Is Really Doing A Great Job Collecting Pollen

Bee Pollen is one of the best food sources discovers by human being. It is the only food sources found that contain the 22 nutrients (Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Trace Elements, Enzyme & etc.) required for balanced nutrition, and thus for complete health.

28 minerals have been found in the body, of which 14 are vital. Bee pollen contains all 28.

We supply various form of bee pollen such as:

  • Bee Pollen Granule from various plants such as tea flower, mixed flower etc.
  • Bee Pollen Extract Granule
  • Bee Pollen Powder with Oligosaccharide


Bee Propolis is a powerful protector. It consists 20-30 types bioflavonoids, amino acids, B vitamins, and most importantly, anticancer & antibiotic substances.

Often called "nature's penicillin," bee Propolis is formidable against viruses. As demonstrated in numerous experiments, Propolis has the ability to directly destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi, even penicillin-resistant staphylococcus. This trait is attributed to the bioflavonoids (500 times that of orange) present in Propolis, which have a protective effect against viral infections.

We supply various form of Propolis such as:

  • Propolis Liquid
    • Aqua Extracted Propolis (AEP)
    • Ethanol Extracted Propolis (EEP)
    • Glycol Extracted Propolis (GEP)
    • Water Soluble Derivatives (WSD)
  • Propolis Powder
    • Normal grade
    • Premium grade (high Artepillin C level)
  • Propolis Soft Gel

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the food of the queens-originally for the queen bees but also beneficial for both women and men. IT is an extremely nutritious, thick; milky-white creamy liquid secreted by the hypopharryngeal glands of the nurse bees. Queen bees live exclusively on royal jelly and it accounts for their incredible size, fertility, and longevity.

Royal jelly produces an age-retarding, longevity enhancing effect. It helps maintain health, beauty, and youth; helps normalize body functions; protects against infections; increases resistance to diseases; and increases endurance and energy levels. It is antibacterial and anti-viral, particularly against streptococcus, E-coli, and staphylococcus. Royal jelly accelerates the formation of bone tissue and helps heal wounds in half the time.

We supply various form of Royal Jelly such as:

  • Royal Jelly Fresh Frozen Liquid
  • Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder
  • Royal Jelly Tablet

Propolis Honey

Beside provide energy to our body, our unique formulation of propolis honey  can be considered a very effective dressing for wounds because it has an anti-inflammatory action, which reduces the swelling around a wound.  It is also very good for stomach discomfort especially gastric ulcer.

PROPOLIS HONEY has PROPOLIS in addition to the usual hydrogen peroxide antibacterial activity, making it doubly potent. So it is more effective than hydrogen peroxide against some types of bacteria.

Longan Honey

Longan Honey is derived from the flowers of the longan tree. It has as light, floral scent and delicate flavor. Longan honey is sweetener rich in easily digestible sugars that give the body an instant boost of energy. Moreover, it also rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It also has the effect  of  invigorating spleen, enhancing mental power & improves appetite especially for children. Adult who experiencing sleepless nights or are unable to concentrate will find significant results after consuming Longan Honey on a regular basis.

Apiroma Liquid

APIROMA Liquid is made from carefully selected highest grade of pure natural essential oils and bee products. The natural antiseptic and anti-fungus properties of pure essential oil make it ideal for those with problem skin. It also contain honey, propolis, bee pollen & royal jelly which provides moisturizing nourishment for the skin and the natural gelatins from Royal Jelly has been proved to stimulate the growth of new cells on our skin. When used in skin care products (suitable for all skin types), it protects your skin from unwanted bacteria and fungi, keeps skin fresh and clean all day.

Apiroma Skin Treatment Soap / Cream

APIROMA SKIN TREATMENT SOAP & Cream is made from carefully selected pure natural essential oils and bee products (using 100% palm oil base in the case of Apiroma Soap). It contains the highest grade of tea tree oil, lavender oil and propolis extract. Its natural antiseptic and anti-fungus properties make it ideal for those with problem skin. It also contain honey & royal jelly which provides moisturizing nourishment for the skin and the natural gelatins from Royal Jelly has been proved to stimulate the growth of new cells on our skin. When used everyday, the soaps (suitable for all skin types), protect your skin from unwanted bacteria and fungi, keeps skin fresh and clean all day. For more serious condition, apply the Apiroma Skin Treatment Cream on the affected area.


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