Message From The Director

We are one of the leading innovators in the field of Apitherapy, Aromatherapy & Apiroma products in Malaysia. Today, the emphasis all over the world is shifting from superficial treatments to holistic treatment. In keeping with this trend, the company has developed & imported exceptional quality products for health care, hair care & skin care. We provide private label , repackaging services and  position to help you developed those products for growth.

Please find herewith our product list for your kind perusal.

Health Food Supplement

1. Moringa Tea Granules

2. Colonclean Fiber Plus Powder

3. V-gene Detox Tea

Apitherapy Food

1. Bee Pollen in granule & refine extract (Nature's Perfect Food)

2. Propolis liquid  (A Natural Antibiotic)

3. Fresh Royal Jelly in fresh liquid, capsule & powder (Natural Rejuvenator)

4. Various Honey (Propolis Honey, Ginseng Propolis Honey etc etc)

Apiroma Products (with pure bee extract & essential oil)

1. Apiroma Liquid

2. Apiroma Skin Treatment Soap

3. Apiroma Skin Treatment Cream

Hair Care Products

1. Guihua Hair Dye Shampoo Cream

We believe that you may be interested in the products we are able to offer and would therefore be grateful if you could give us your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. If we can provide you with additional information such as product detailed information, product medical research report, product samples or other please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks & Best Regards from

Siow Yauchu Steven (+6016-2285813)

Executive Director & Apitherapy Consultant

We supply or help companies find excellent health related products so they can become more successful & make more money.

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